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For Syrian tech enthusiasts looking to enter a more global workforce, they have to learn not one, but two new languages: English and coding.
Launched in April 2015, Remmaz offers an Arabic programming course in the basics of web development that includes both HTML and CSS programming languages. They translate almost all programming terms from English to Arabic when explaining how to write instructions, syntax, and other programming elements (although the coding itself is still done in English). They have 5300 active users so far.
Sultan, Sheikh Al-Shabaab and Lynn Darwish were the original founders of Remmaz in early 2014, before the launch of the product. They met in 2011 as volunteer teachers at Wikilogia, a Syrian NGO founded by the Syrian Computing Association with the goal of making open source learning available across the country. Sheikh al-Shabaab taught robotics and hardware, and Darwish taught coding.
Darvish said: “We were inundated with waiting lists for all Wikilogia courses. “Classes at that time only held about 20 to 25 students and the teaching was not very interactive.”
Remmaz was born in an effort to automate and make the teaching process accessible to a wider audience. It was inspired by coding programs in the US that integrate interactive learning with users studying the code, such as Codeacademy.
In 2014, Remmaz was accepted into the Syrian ICT Incubator.
Darvish said: “After admission, there was a lot to do. “We were mainly concerned with testing the market and establishing our business model.”
The process involved a lengthy survey of 2,500 participants, 1,000 of whom were from the Damascus University Engineering Department.
Sultan said: “When more than 75 percent of participants said they would rather learn to code in Arabic than in English, we knew we had the right idea.

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